Dr. Tran Dr. Medina
Long Tran D.V.M. Maria Medina D.V.M.

"While working alongside other veterinarians, from big corporations to spay and neuter clinics, I took note of many barriers preventing owners from getting appropriate care for their loving pets (Schedule conflict, fees, waiting time...) I founded Friendly Animal Hospital so that I could do my part to help those people to overcome these barriers.

By opening our doors at 7am for drop off, appointment start at 9 am and closing at 9pm, we can allow more clients to be seen and therefore reduce our costs. Being able to see the regular vet at 9pm means alot for owners who have a busy schedule or some emergency needs. Also, by keeping our doors open longer, we allow the flexibility for our clients to come in after work and have their pet treated. Not everyone can take time off work in the middle of the day-we understand that.

The client is always greeted at the door upon entry to our clinic and they are placed into an exam room by our staff as soon as possible. At Friendly Animal Hospital, our large windows in the exam rooms allow you to watch your pet, giving you the security you need to be confident in us. For pets that have to stay for longer periods of treatment, we offer a complimentary webcam service that allows you to check in and watch your pet from the comfort of your own home. Our service doesn't end when your pet leaves our hospital. We guarantee to treat your pet until it is completely healed from surgery with absolutely no re-check fees as long as you carefully follow our post op instructions. We follow up with you on your pets treatment to answer any questions you may have once you get home.

We would love to see you and your pet here at our clinic in Huntington Beach, California. We pride ourselves on offering high quality treatment options at affordable prices. Feel free to stop by for a tour of our hospital and meet the staff." Read about our grand opening in Vietnamese.

I will be happy to see you and your pet here in Huntington Beach, California.

Dr. Long Tran D.V.M.