Pet Treatment

At Friendly Animal Hospital in Huntington Beach, CA, compassionate pet care is our priority. From routine check-ups to emergency care, we offer a comprehensive range of veterinary services to address all your pet’s needs.

Pet Treatment in Huntington Beach, CA

Each team member at Friendly Animal Hospital cherishes animals and understands the concern when your pet is unwell. We are committed to being available and promptly restoring your pet’s health.

Vaccines For Dogs

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Rabies is a deadly virus that can affect both dogs and humans. Essential for their safety and mandated by law, our clinic offers reliable and affordable dog rabies vaccinations to ensure your pet’s well-being.

Distemper-Adenovirus Type 1&2-Parvo-Parainfluenza Virus

Safeguard your dog’s health with vaccinations against distemper, adenovirus types 1 & 2, parvo, and parainfluenza virus. Preventing diseases early in life can lead to a more active and fulfilling lifespan for your furry friend.


Protect your dog from kennel cough with our Bordetella vaccinations. Safeguarding against respiratory infections, our clinic ensures your pet’s well-being with this essential preventive measure for a healthy, happy pup.


Shield your dog from canine influenza with our vaccinations. Our clinic prioritizes preventive care to keep your pet healthy and protected against respiratory infections, ensuring their well-being.


Defend your dog against leptospirosis with our vaccinations. Essential for preventing this bacterial infection, our team ensures comprehensive protection, prioritizing your pet’s health and well-being.

Borrelia Lyme Disease

Safeguard your dog against Borrelia Lyme Disease with our vaccinations. Our clinic prioritizes preventive care, providing comprehensive protection to ensure your pet’s health and well-being against tick-borne infections.

Vaccines For Cats

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Feline Viral Rhinotracheitis-Calicivirus-Panleukopenia

Ensure your cat’s health with vaccinations against feline viral rhinotracheitis, calicivirus, and panleukopenia. Vaccination is essential for preventing the spread of this contagious virus.


Protect your cat from Chlamydia with our vaccinations. Prioritizing preventive care, our clinic ensures comprehensive protection against this bacterial infection, promoting your feline companion’s health and well-being.

Feline Leukemia Virus

Guard your cat against the Feline Leukemia Virus with vaccinations. Our experienced veterinarians will work with you to create a personalized vaccination plan based on your cat’s age, lifestyle, and overall health.

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